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Smart Tricks To Add Vintage Home Décor

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The new is not always better than the old, but people generally realize this only after they have had their fill of the new and modern. Usually, most of us will discard the old as obsolete until we have sated our appetite for the new, and then we start to long for the former.

It is most evident in the way popular fashion trends swing from the old to the new and back to the old again. But this happens in home design, as well, says Bighorn Rentals. First, young people discard the old folk's design ideas. Then in a few decades, they start to look at those forgotten ideas with nostalgia.

Then they try to infuse the old designs into the new, to make the two sit side-by-side. If you are reading this, we can assume this is what you are trying to do. Here you will find random ideas to recreate looks from yesteryears and get that feeling of traveling back in time.

1. Porcelain farmhouse sink with antique faucets

Install a double- or single-basin porcelain farmhouse sink with vintage style faucets in the kitchen. If the sink comes with a drainboard, that is even better. Faucets with metal cross handles or porcelain levers will help complete the look.

2. Antique coffee and water pot

The kind of coffee that your grandmother probably had when you were a kid. It is one of the most uncomplicated kitchenware to use. And some of them do a great job of keeping liquids warm for a long time. But if you only plan on using it as a décor piece, that's fine.

3. Retro two-tiered plant hangers on handmade wall hooks

There are two ways you can do this. You can go for plant bowls with a retro design held up by a tiered plant holder attached to the ceiling. Or you can get a handmade wall-mounted brass or copper lantern/plant hanger, complete with a two-tiered plant hanger. Then replace brass with cast iron.

4. Bureau-style island with a distressed look

A bureau style kitchen island with the knocked-about look of something inherited from two generations of grandparents. You can achieve the distressed look with worn-out peeling paint or whitewash. Fill the drawers with retro design dishes and add a functional food scale on top to complete the look.

5. Vintage plate rack

It could be the kind of plate rack your mom likely had hanging from the kitchen ceiling for holding pots and pans. Or it could be a folding antique plate rack made from bamboo that sits on the countertop in your kitchen.

6. Vintage leather pouf set on floor rugs

Create a throwback effect with two leather-covered pouf armchairs, standing on a soft one-color wool rug and set up in one corner of the living room, beyond the couch. To complete the ensemble, add a Turkish ottoman made with patterned cotton fabric in the center or an antique coffee table to the side.

7. Old school accents on the sofa

Getting old furniture that is still in good condition may be difficult. But this is the one piece of furniture that will immediately sweep your entire living room back into your great grandparent's century. In place of antique, drape sections of the sofa with patterned blankets, use a throw pillow or cushions with retro-looking fabric, and place a leather ottoman around the sofa.

8. Add a vintage chandelier over the dining area

If your home has an open-plan office, adding a vintage chandelier over the dining area can help pull your modern living room into an older era. In place of a chandelier, a retro hanging wire planter with strands of bead can create the same effect.

9. Vintage Turkish rug and wicker chair

It is best around a window sitting area; a wicker chair with colorful cushions, standing over vintage Turkish rug with visibly fading bright colors. If getting a wicker chair proves difficult or it takes up too much space, two vintage barrels chairs with a wicker accent table between them will also do the trick.

10. Vintage artwork

Getting this should not be too hard, as there are lots of vintage prints to be found for free or sale on the internet. But the real trick here is to find antique-looking or actual antique picture frames for the artwork.

11. Vintage showerhead and faucets

The polished brass of an antique showerhead, with the exposed porcelain of the cross faucet handles, is unmistakable. Having one in the bathroom is a simple way to get that old school look.

12. Clawfoot bathtub

A clawfoot bathtub, if you can find one, will send your bathroom back to the 1920s. And if you want to complete the look, add a vintage wall mirror around the tub. This just might help with your home’s resale value.

13. Vintage dresser mirrors

Vintage mirrors placed around the bathroom or bedroom will brighten the area while adding a touch of Victorian elegance. The areas where you can make the most of a vintage dresser mirror are above the headboard in your bedroom and along hallways.

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