Color Schemes


We've put together a few different materials to help out in the decision process.  We understand sometimes it gets overwhelming when you do not know where to start.  We hope that these examples can lead you in the direction you want to go when making selections for your home.  Some things to think about:

-  Neutrals:  Staying neutral as your base is a good start,  There are different 'neutral' directions you can go.  There are whites and creams, tans and beige and variations of grey.  Neutral colors are favorable especially if you want to resell property.

- Color:  If you must have that 'pop of color', look to using accessories.  Our world is filled with colors from across the spectrum!  Area rugs, throw pillows, furniture and artwork are just some items that  you can incorporate color into your home.

- Lighting:  Does your room have large windows where natural light shines through?  Maybe there are no windows at all?  Dark colors tend to make a small room feel even smaller.   A light color pallet may give a  whole room a fresh, new open feel to it.

Ultimately it is your space.  There are really no set rules.  You have to live in it everyday.  Make it your own.