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Porcelain Tiles from Italy and Spain

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Two things every homeowner wants, whether they are renovating an existing home or building a new one, are:

· A design that stands out because of its uniqueness. You want your home to be made-to-specification just for you.

· Improve your property’s market value over and beyond the cost of the improvements you make to the home.

How can you do these for your home?

The simplest way is to use uncommon building materials. The more exotic the materials used in the home, the more desirable your home and the higher the property’s value. In this regard, one of the best construction materials you should be looking at for your home is European tiles.

When most people hear that a product is made in Europe, there are two assumptions they often make: they know European-made products are of high quality. They assume that due to its quality, the product will be expensive.

That may be true for European cars or clothes, but not European tiles. That’s because, at Dream Design, we have found a way to bring this previously-inaccessible European building product within your reach. We remove the hurdles between homeowners and the products they want to use in their homes.

But, first things first, what makes European tiles outstanding? To answer the question, we will talk a bit about porcelain tiles from Italy and Spain, two of the world’s oldest and best manufacturers of this product.

Porcelain tiles from Italy

Italy’s prime position in the fashion industry reflects in the tiles they manufacture. Porcelain tiles from Italy are made in the same style. In addition, extreme attention to detail is found in Italian brand-name fashion items. But beyond their aesthetics, these porcelain tiles are remarkably durable.

With Italian porcelain tiles, you can expect products made with technical excellence. For instance, Italian natural-stone-look vitrified tiles come with the appearance of natural stone that will instantly transform any bathroom. But they are not just all about beauty.

The vitrification process used in its manufacture makes the product practically impervious to moisture and water. That means you can deploy these elegance tiles in both wet environments within your home and for outdoor installations where there is the likelihood of freezing and frost.

Porcelain tiles from Spain

Spanish porcelain tiles – decorative glass wall tiles, wood-look floor tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, or 3D tiles - are outstanding in their artistry and skilled craftsmanship. Each product delivers the same class and sophistication that keeps taking the world by storm.

For instance, the exceptional Castle Cocoa timber-look Spanish matt floor tile combines the romance of Spanish artistry with the durability that comes from centuries of making quality porcelain tiles. That is along with a design that creates the authentic timber look.

What about the high price of European tiles?

The high cost of European tiles is due to superior quality and originality. The cutting-edge technology, unmatched design, and ruggedness of European tiles mean they stand head and shoulders above products from other places. It is only proper that they should cost more.

But we have found ways to make these high-quality products more affordable for you. Dream Design offers Italian and Spanish porcelain tiles at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Our porcelain tiles include the top-range products carefully selected from the leading Spanish and Italian tile manufacturers.

But this affordability does not come at the cost of compromised quality. Whichever range of Italian and Spanish products you choose, you get the same quality as you would if you were buying directly from the company stores in Pamesa (Spain) or Casalgrande (Italy).

You can stop by our Las Vegas showroom to check our collection of quality European porcelain tiles. Or visit us online today!

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