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The Top Bright Colors for Painting Kitchens

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Adding bright colors to your kitchen is one of those thrilling but equally scary ideas. Right now, your kitchen’s color scheme may not be everything you want it to be, but at least it is still reasonably appealing. There is a chance that you could ruin it by getting too adventurous and going to add some bold colors.

So, what is the solution?

You can live with the present design of your kitchen knowing that it could be better. Or you can minimize the risk of making a mistake by learning the best ways to add bright colors to a kitchen. If you chose to go with the second option, you are just the kind of person this post was written for.

There is a bright color that will work for every kitchen. There is also the perfect way to execute the ideas you have in your mind. While neutral colors do a great job of making your kitchen comfy and inviting, bright colors are wonderful for shaking things up and brightening the atmosphere.

But bright colors are also a huge risk. Unlike neutrals, you can go wrong with bright colors in a kitchen, warns Keyrenter Salt Lake Property Management. The colors can turn out different on your walls than they looked on the swatch. Or worse, you can simply get sick and tired of seeing those bright colors day in and day out.

To ensure you do not regret your decision to add bright colors to your kitchen, we have come up with a list of the top bright colors for a kitchen. These colors are bold but still somewhat safe. Many of them are also soothing and unlikely to clash with the other elements of your kitchen design.

Our top ten bright colors to use in your kitchen

  • Turquoise

The blue-green tones of this color will give your kitchen a fresh and exciting look that is sophisticated and yet somewhat playful. When combined with white cabinets, turquoise delivers a look that makes people want to venture into the kitchen and take a comfy seat.

  • Purple

Purple is bold, regal, and contemporary. Due to its association with creativity, it can add an adventurous spirit to the kitchen. Purple’s rich tones perform especially well in a minimalist kitchen with sleek features and lots of natural lighting. Purple lets you add depth without overwhelming the senses.

  • Deep red

Full, fiery, bold, and independent; those are the feelings you inspire with this color. Red will blend well with white cabinets and warm hardwoods. You can use it to create an element of surprise by painting the most unlikely places in your kitchen with this color such as, inside a hidden pantry.

  • Peach

Peach will leave your kitchen with a feeling of spring – fresh and cheerful all year-round. Its soft and feminine tones will brighten your space, yet it is not brazenly bold. It conveys warmth that anyone who enters the kitchen will feel and appreciate.

  • Orange

Orange’s natural elements make the kitchen more inviting. Meals eaten in the room will feel a lot more appetizing. Orange has a feeling of earthiness about it that will make your kitchen cozy, this is probably due to its well-established therapeutic effects.

  • Mustard

Mustard, a cousin of orange that is more closely related to yellow, carries a country ambiance with it. This is a traditional color that works perfectly well in modern settings. It offers a bright clean feel that inspires visions of rustic farmhouses.

  • Navy

Navy’s deep tone is stable and confident. This color brings an element of solidity with it. Navy works well in contrast with white countertops or light-colored flooring. If your kitchen has a lot of natural light this is one color that you will want to try. Pairing navy with copper or gold accents works wonders for a kitchen.

  • Lush green

This color adds an interesting twist to the natural ambiance of green. Lush green will bring the freshness of a garden into your kitchen. It comes with all the associated feelings of being in a natural environment; excitement combined with a degree of calm.

  • Blush pink

Blush pink is upbeat without the brash boldness of traditional pink. It will liven up your kitchen but will not leave it feeling like a circus. This color will inject a fun and creative ambiance into the kitchen.

  • Pale yellow

Pale yellow is subtle and has the power to generate feelings of happiness. Unlike traditional yellow, it has a soothing feeling that will not leave people in the kitchen feeling overwhelmed by the color. This is a great color to use when you are trying to make a small kitchen appear bigger.

  • Sky blue

This is another color for when you want to make a tiny kitchen appear roomier. It works perfectly as a replacement for white. Use this color when you want a touch of color in a small kitchen.

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