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Reasons to Choose a Neutral Cabinet Color

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Home design trends are always changing. Today, you can buy a new property with cutting-edge technology and up-to-date architecture, but less than ten years down the road and your once state-of-the-art home start to feel old. The very things that made it a great place to live now make it feel outdated and unattractive.

To preserve the appeal of that home and retain its value, you must now upgrade its features. Common upgrades you may think of include installing a new bathroom with more energy-efficient features or renovating the kitchen to improve its aesthetics and functionality. However, when remodeling your kitchen there is one aspect of it that should not change.

Despite sweeping changes, over the decades, in the way kitchens are designed, there is an aspect of kitchen design that has endured. The neutral-colored cabinet has remained a staple of kitchen cabinet design for as long as many of us can remember. Where other features of the kitchen have been reinvented, the neutral-colored cabinet has retained its appeal.

Color trends come and go, but neutral doesn’t

For a short time, the dominant trend in kitchen design was to have “pops of color” everywhere. These pops of color appeared on countertops, kitchen walls, backsplashes and of course, kitchen cabinets. But like every fad, the trend did not persist. Despite the rave about them, bold colors are not an established design feature in the kitchen.

Their popularity as a way to design the kitchen has waned. But neutral colors, which looked to be on the decline, have made a major comeback. The problem with pops of color in the kitchen is that people tire of them. The sensory overload that comes with these loud tones loses its allure and people just want to return to what is normal for them, which is neutral colors.

Professional painters suggest that neutral colors have a certain quality about them that guarantees they never go out of style. People will flirt with other color categories, but they are forever married to neutrals. For instance, you may spruce up your home by painting parts of it in bright colors, but this only helps to add spice. The main colors of the home will still be neutral.

Why choose neutral-colored kitchen cabinets

Why have neutral colors retained their place as the most-loved colors for kitchen cabinets?

1. Neutral colors are welcoming

Neutral colors make rooms brighter and roomier. A small kitchen with neutral-colored cabinets will feel more spacious. The kitchen will feel brighter and airier than it would if you painted the cabinets in another category of colors.

The neutral color on the cabinets creates a happy vibe that makes the kitchen a more welcoming space. Also, neutral colors on your cabinets suggest that the kitchen is clean.

2. Neutral colors are versatile

With neutral-colored cabinets, you are not limited in the ways you can design your kitchen. Pops of color, on the other hand, are very limiting. They force you to design your kitchen in a certain way.

With pops of colors, you often have to get rid of the color completely if you want to adjust the style of your kitchen. But neutral colors will go well with a wide range of other colors and textures.

3. They highlight the kitchen design

Neutral colored cabinets will not swamp your kitchen design and drown out other features in the space. Neutral colors do not take center stage as bold colors do.

Instead, their understated tones highlight the surrounding design of your kitchen and make other aspects of the room stand out. Kitchens with neutral-colored cabinets have a balanced design feel to them.

4. Neutrals don’t lose their appeal

Pops of color produce a strong psychological response, which is why we are drawn to them. But this attraction does not last. This is the reason why after painting a room in bold colors or buying a bright red couch, you soon get sick of seeing the color.

The color’s effect wears thin, and you start to yearn for a color that will not overwhelm your senses. Neutral colors do not have the same effect. They are soothing.

5. Neutral colors are timeless

Neutral colors are trend-proof. Color trends may come and go, but neutrals will always dominate. There is something about neutral colors that give them the ability to touch us in the right way. This is why whites, light grays, and creams will never become obsolete. Even if you view these colors as classic, they work. And for that reason alone, they will always have a prominent place among the colors we use for kitchen cabinets.

6. They appeal to buyers

Neutral colors have widespread acceptance, but we either love or hate bold colors. The odds that most of your potential buyers will like your kitchen if the cabinets have bright colors are slim.

On the other hand, the chances that they will dislike your kitchen because the cabinets have a neutral color are very narrow. Even if the neutral color is not the buyer’s favorite color, they still won’t mind having the color in their kitchen.

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