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How Color Impacts How Much Your Home Sells For

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

When trying to sell your home, you think the most vital factors in how much you sell the property are the condition of the property and the upgrades you have done. Even when you know it is significant, you don’t think the home’s color can affect the sales price of the house or how quickly you sell it.

But as it turns out, the colors you paint your home matter a whole lot. Colors play a huge role in the way your home is perceived. Colors not only influence whether buyers find the home visually appealing, but they also influence the value they place on the property, explains Mike Dunfee Group. The color of your home can help or hurt the value of your property.

How does color impact the sales price of your home?

Speaking broadly, homes painted in cool neutrals seem to get the best response from buyers, as those colors enjoy broad appeal. Houses painted in darker colors fetch a lower sales price for their owners. The worst performing homes are those that lack color. How does this work, and what are the colors to paint your home for the best result?

Before we talk about the colors, there are three things you should pay attention to as far as the colors of your home is concerned:

The condition of the paint: The most attractive colors will mean nothing if the paint is not in good condition. Buyers will not even notice the colors if it is peeling, cracked, or faded. The first and most essential aspect of your home’s colors is the paint must be fresh.

The paint medium: Secondly, the medium you use matters. Some colors are brilliant if used in certain rooms, but those same colors will be disastrous when used in a different part of the home. For instance, colors that work with the front door are inappropriate for the kitchen.

Pops of color: Lastly, contrast is vital, especially in kitchens and the exterior. Adding a pop of color will introduce dimension. Pops of color are fine when presenting your home in listing photos and videos. Using contrast colors, especially darker hues (dark blue and gray or even black), helps create interest.

Here are some of the best and worst-performing colors for various rooms in the home:

1. Front doors

Surprisingly, black is the highest performing color for the front entryway. Painting the front door in black or charcoal resulted in price boosts of up to $6,000. Bright colors like red also got a positive response from buyers. The nice thing about painting a front door is it is cheap, but the impact of that slight change is massive.

2. Bathrooms

Bathrooms benefit from being painted in shades of light blue. The shade of light blue that performs best is periwinkle blue with a gray-blue tint. Homes with bathrooms painted in this color fetched up to $2,786 above their expected sales price. In some cases, light blue bathrooms sold for up to $4,000 above the list price.

3. Kitchen

Painting the kitchen in yellow, as most people suggest, is one of the worst things to do. Yellow kitchens performed horribly; they depressed the value of the property. The same is true of barn red and brick; they can take as much as $2,000 from the selling price of your home. The best colors for the kitchen are shades in the light blue to soft gray-blue spectrum. They can add around $1,800 to your home’s selling price.

4. Dining room

Painting the dining room in any shade of brown will harm the home’s value. Shades of brown, oat, or brown with yellow undertones – colors that people often use for the dining room – can take away as much as $1,684 from the expected sales price of the home. Slate-blue or pale gray-blue dining rooms positively impact the home’s value.

5. Exterior

Without any doubt, the best colors for the home’s exterior are greige (a combo of gray and beige) and light gray. These two colors performed better than homes painted in tan or brown. Painting your home’s exterior in greige or light gray will add $1,526 to its value. In contrast, colors like medium brown, taupe, or stucco could deduct $1,970 from the sales price.

6. Living room

Taupe or warm tan with pink or peach undertones are the best colors for the living room. Darker peach with pink undertones on accent walls also works well. You can get an increase of up to $1,809 in the home’s value when you use these colors.

7. Bedrooms

Bedrooms painted in light gray or light blue/gray can add up to $5440 to your home’s value. On The other hand, pink is the worst color to paint the bedroom. Where light cerulean to cadet blue add $1,856 to the sales price, pink will reduce the selling price by $208.

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